Haunter is born of the cold forests of Wisconsin.  Like their name entails, these guys possess an enchanting sound complete with dreamy melodies, psychedelic harmonies, and rad rhythms. Haunter’s latest album, Don’t Worry, has surfaced in my life like a much desired recurring dream. Check out all of their tunes on bandcamp here, on soundcloud here, and learn some more about Haunter in our chat below:


Hi there, who are you guys and what do you do in Haunter!?

All: We are Aidan, John, Alec, and Erik. Essentially we all do the same thing in the band. We all write songs, play guitar, sing and play percussion when necessary. We wouldn’t say that we [necessarily] have certain assigned roles.

Where are each of you from and where would you go, if you could go anywhere right now? On tour or in general…

Aidan: I’m from Milwaukee, and if I could go anywhere besides outer space I would go to Japan because I’m a weirdo anime freak loser that likes clothes.

John: I would like to go to Tokyo because it’s the closest to a dystopia that isn’t an actual dystopia like North Korea or something.

Alec: I’m from Merrill, Wisconsin and I would go anywhere besides Merrill, Wisconsin. But actually I would want to go to the Alps.

What are your influences? I’m intrigued as to what things in this world draw your interest and shape the sounds you dudes create?

Aidan : My biggest influences are Grouper, Akron/Family, and Nick Drake probably. Slowdive is also a big influence. I don’t listen to a whole lot of music similar to ours, I’m more into electronic/ambient stuff.

John: It’s hard to say. Right now I’m really into 90’s emo like Cap’n Jazz, American Football, Archers of Loaf, etc. Animal Collective is pretty essential. I’ve had a Yung Lean song stuck in my head for most of the day.

In regards to how your songs are written, have you developed a process at all in terms of production?

All: Usually when we get together we all have some songs / ideas written and we build up from there. A huge part of our creative process takes place while we’re recording. We just experiment with what we think would sound good in the mix, and don’t limit ourselves to what we can play live.

What is your favorite memory from a show if you have one!? What memories do you hope to make performing live?

All: We’ve really only played a few shows, but for us I’d guess it’s just the actual act of playing. We rarely get the chance to play together so it’s always kind of a new experience. I think it helps us to connect even further in that we have to be so unified with our playing. And really I’d just like to leave people in the audience with a memorable emotion. Something they can connect with and understand because it’s so hard to do that in ways besides music for lots of people.

Please draw a depiction of your sound if you can?

Aiden: I’m not very good at drawing. Maybe Alec can draw one of his famous MS Paint drawings.

(See Alec’s drawing below)


What do you foresee in the future for yourselves (in the crystal ball)?

All: I’d like to think I see us reaching more people with our music. I don’t really know what else. The image in the crystal is muddied. Oh. we’re also thinking of playing around with all electric guitars instead of acoustics.

(Check out their latest music video for “Shadow Song” below)

What are your spirit animals and spirit instruments?!

Aidan: I never know what to say for this question, but maybe I’d be a moth. I think I’m a bit like a moth. And my spirit’s instrument is something primitive, or like from the medieval age

John: My spirit animal is a regular cat. My spirit instrument is maybe a Koto?

Alec: My spirit animal I feel is a blue whale, because it is one of my favorite animals. And my instrument would probably be a harmonica. It just feels right.

Erik: My spirit animal would probably be a red panda and my spirit instrument would be a kazoo.  A red panda playing a kazoo would be pretty cool.

What teas do you like to drink? If you’d rather not drink tea, then please explain your drinking preferences.

Aidan: my favorite is chamomile, but I like most teas that aren’t too fruity. I’m not deep into tea though.

John: I don’t really like tea. 😦 I really like cherry Dr. Pepper though.

Alec: My girlfriend really likes tea, so I have been drinking it more to appease her. I like it, but I like ginger ale better.

Thank you and link up with Haunter below:

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