The Glass Canoe

The Glass Canoe are a a San Franciscan duo creating some really neat atmospheric nature inspired sounds together. Classifying themselves as experimental pop, these guys are discovering new depths of sound in different melodies and harmonies.  You can check out their unique sounds on their bandcamp here and soundcloud here. Learn more about The Glass Canoe in our conversation below:


Hi there! Could you please tell us a bit about yourselves?

Both: We are from San Diego and are 24 (Max) and 22 (David). We are really enjoying San Francisco and love walking through the parks and meeting new people and hearing new music. The city is a fascinating blend of sounds and has been really inspiring. I (Max) have been thinking about taking my field recorder out and capturing a lot of it and possibly mixing that in to some new material. We are both working full time and hopefully going to school in the future when we can afford it. The priority is to start getting together some live shows and get in with some local, like minded bands. David’s fave color is Blue and lately I’ve been getting into Atomic Tangerine.

So, how did The Glass Canoe began or where do your interests in music stem from?  

Both: We were young poppy rockers in high school and we met and wrote really well together, and somewhere in 2008 we discovered experimental/ambient/psychedelic music and we wanted to incorporate that into our love for memorable melodies and rhythms and TGC was born. We had no idea what we were doing (and probably still don’t), but the freedom to make anything we wanted with no rules of genre was really exciting to us.

Is there a certain plan or process behind writing your music? Or do you follow a more natural based form of creation?  

Both: Any song can start in a number of ways. Sometimes it can start on acoustic guitar, with some kind of vocal idea in mind. Other times we’ll use sequencers or samplers and create more of a base for the song and then add to it. We’ve got a lot of half awake, humming voice memos on our phones of things that come to us in our sleep. I’d say we try and develop and find new processes for writing to keep things fresh.

Are there any musicians who inspire your lovely sounds or simply who are your favourite musicians (of any kind)?  How did you begin making your own style/technique for The Glass Canoe? 

Both: Animal Collective was probably our first love in terms of sound and style. Their rawness and intensity mixed with delicate and personal spaces was a big inspiration. To name a few more currents: Oneohtrix Point Never, James Blake, The Beach Boys, Machinedrum, Mount Kimbie, Deerhunter, XTC, Baths, Dntel, Bjork, Raymond Scott, Aphex Twin, anything that feels alive/honest.

If you could be any living creature (or thing), what would you be and why?

Max: I’d be the sound of rain falling against a window in the morning. Doesn’t get more soothing than that.

David: I’d be a burrito with beans, Swiss cheese, mashed potatoes, fries, sautéed mushrooms, spinach ravioli, guacamole, a dash of sour cream, and chipotle sauce. No explanation needed.

(We might have missed the question there)

What is the last thing that really made you think, or what is something that makes you feel connected to the world?

Both: Nature. You feel so connected and disconnected from everything at the same time. There’s something eternal about it and it always feels right.

The Glass Canoe sounds like a very fragile yet beautiful means of transportation. Can you please describe the meaning behind your name and what you want your music to be a vessel for?

Max: I really like your description of the name, I might borrow that. The name came from a mixture of song names on a playlist. Pretty meaningless at first, but we really liked the way it sounded. Now we think of it as transportation with a window down into the depths of the water and the unknown. We want our music to explore in that same way.

Please describe your sound in any 4 words. 





What’s your favourite teas or drinks?

Both: Boba Milk Tea, Stella Artois, Jasmine Green Tea, Emergen-C, Mango Lassi, and Thai Iced Tea.

If you could go anywhere, where would you go? Where do you hope to go with The Glass Canoe?

Both: Anywhere and everywhere. If our music made it possible to travel, we would be more than grateful.

What would you have people keep an eye out? New songs, albums, news, shows, merch, anything? 

Both: We are finishing up another album, hoping to book some shows soon in the Bay Area. We also are working with some videographers to make more visual stuff/music videos soon.

What is one thing you think people should know about The Glass Canoe or what do you think people need to know about life in general?

Both: The Glass Canoe is a reflection of the things we love and want to hear and we always want to grow and learn through our creations. We hope listeners can take something personal from our songs and share that with us.

In general:

Don’t be afraid to feel uncomfortable.

The Comfort Zone is a dangerous place!

Thank you and link up with The Glass Canoe below:

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