Tiny Little Houses

Tiny Little Houses is a lovely ambient, indie-folk group hailing from Melbourne, Australia. The nostalgic and lovely sounds dreamed up by Caleb Karvountzis himself can be found on their Soundcloud page here and on their Bandcamp here. Their music is extremely calming and all of it was recorded in Caleb’s bedroom, evoking some hidden feelings of vulnerability. I highly recommend checking out the couple tunes they have out thus far, in preparation for their EP coming soon hopefully. Best wishes to them in the recording stage, whenever that may occur next! See below for my brief chat with Caleb, and check out the steep sounds of Tiny Little Houses for yourself:

Could you please tell us a little bit yourself?

CK: I am 22 years old and from Melbourne, Australia. Tiny little houses started as a solo project which has evolved into a band with like minded friends and musicians. The name has it’s origin in the song Sand by the 90s band Erics Trip.

So, how did Tiny Little Houses began? What does the name mean?

CK: I don’t really have much of a process. Most of what i keep in a song is finalized very soon after coming up with the melody. I then show Sean and Jackson later and they help me flesh it out. Even that process generally comes together quite soon as we work well together.

Your music evokes rad feelings of wonder and relief, and feels effortless, yet with a sense of drive and knowledge. Is there a certain process behind writing your music? Or do you follow a more natural based form of creation?

CK:  Thanks so much! The songs might seem effortless because the ones up on the net are the songs I wrote the easiest. I write often and most of it is scrapped because it’s so terrible or contrived so I guess the ones which make the cut are the most emotionally honest. A lot of what is on Soundcloud was recorded the day I wrote it, so maybe the immediacy of the recording conveys more atmosphere!

What is the last thing that inspired you, or what makes you feel more connected to the world? 

CK: I’ve been reading a lot lately, everything from Tolstoy and Steinbeck to Vonnegut and the Bible.. all of it is very inspiring. I also just returned from traveling overseas through North America and Europe for four months which was gave me time to think about a lot of things.

Please describe your sound in any 4 words. 

CK: I would describe our stuff as… Lo-fi, melancholy, haze, pop?

What would you have people keep an eye out? New songs, albums, news, shows, EPs, anything? 

CK: A long promised EP is going to be recorded soon, with a producer, we are in talks…but I’m not sure when… Once all of us have enough spare time and money I guess.

What is one thing you think people should know about Tiny Little Houses, or what do you think people need to know in general?

CK: One thing you need to know about Tiny Little Houses is that i have written a lot of songs. But only a little will ever make it out. However I can’t wait until the few songs we’ve chosen for the EP will be out there. I’ve been sitting on them for far too long a time now!

Thank you and link up with Tiny Little Houses below:

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