Adam M.

Adam M. is a musician out of Brooklyn, who is writing some stellar alternative indie type tunes featuring his guitar and voice. He has some songs and a little EP (a prisoner in me) on his bandcamp, but there are lots of things coming in the future from him. Melendez released the title of his next EP to be released , Don’t Let Us Down, exclusively to Steep Sounds.  He has been experimenting with his sound and will be taking a slightly different direction in this next release, so stay tuned for more music.  Also, check out some of his sounds and our interview below:


Hi there, who are you?

AM: Hi, my name is Adam Melendez. Actually, I rarely tell this story but my full name is, Jose Adan Melendez Jr. I personally don’t dig the name “Jose” even though I went through all of school with it. Too many people share that name in my family, not to mention the entire Hispanic community haha. So yeah I just stick to my middle name which is actually “Adan”, but when translated is “Adam”.

Anyways, I was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1993 on the 19th of October. I’m 20 years old and I’m currently a teachers assistant at a local elementary school. I obtained the job through connections friends of mine have and it has been an interesting experience. Kids are kids but I’ve come to the conclusion that it is impossible to not learn something new from each and one of them.

I started creating music early 2012. I was never serious about it though. I would only share it with someone special to me. It wasn’t until this summer that I began to write seriously. Things weren’t looking up for me and I needed an outlet. I finally released my first little EP (a prisoner in me) in November. I also released a single (JEM) about three weeks ago.

At the moment, I’m working on my next release which will be another EP (but not a little one haha). This reminds me that on tumblr I recently posted (I deleted the post) I was finished with writing it and putting it together, but I realized I really wasn’t. Things happen and I want to be happy with it when it’s ready. So I’m in the middle of that right now.

What inspires you/where do you find inspiration?

AM: Well I’ve always been a space cadet. I’m always daydreaming, thinking or analyzing things I see and hear throughout my everyday.  I also haven’t been proud of who I am for a long time. I’ve recently started to learn how to forgive myself for past mistakes that have kept haunting me and leading me to commit more mistakes and hurt those I dearly love. All of these internal battles have made me seek creating, because sometimes thoughts and feelings can become too overwhelming for my human shell to handle.

Musically I think my top three favorite songwriters are Kurt Cobain, Elliot Smith and Alex G. They are all a huge inspiration to me. Melody for me is most important in what I create. I believe melody is what truly reaches and touches deep inside and the three of them are huge on that.

My friend Rafael (blue meanie/FAVRTSM) has always been a very talented musician that I always look up to. Also, this year I’ve made friends with some of the best musicians, such as Ivan (The Sweater I Gave You) and Rachel (R.L. Kelly). I’d say the three of them were and are the biggest inspiration to me. It’s because of them that I decided to start creating and putting stuff out there. In a sense, they gave me the courage to do it without them even realizing it and I am deeply thankful.

Honestly, many things are a source of inspiration even if they seem little. For example, simply chatting with Alex G recently after one of his sets here in Brooklyn about how he goes about recording drums, made a huge difference to me. Perhaps that in itself wasn’t a huge game changer, but it did add on to that growing inspiration and it definitely edified and changed the course my music was taking even if subtly. Truth is, inspiration can be found everywhere if you look hard enough and that’ll always be the case for as long as I keep on creating.

How do you write/create your material? 

AM: Well there isn’t a specific process for me when it comes to writing songs. I sometimes just pick up my acoustic guitar at any moment of the day and start messing around with different chord progressions that fit the mood I’m feeling at that moment. That leads me to hum out a melody that both fits my mood and harmonizes with the chord progression. Other times I’m in the shower or at work or in a meeting and a melody strikes me out of the blue. So I keep on humming that melody or repeating it in my head until I get a chance to pick up my acoustic guitar and find a chord progression that harmonizes with it. Everything else builds from that.

Where is the ideal setting to listen to your latest release?

AM: My latest release is the single “JEM”. I recall it being snowy the day this song was finally ready. It was an evening, early last month (December). Because of this memory, I am inclined to suggest that the ideal setting to listen to this song is being out on a lonely stroll in a quiet neighborhood on a snowy day.

Can you please draw one of your songs?


(a visual representation of) Adam’s “You Gave Me Soul”

What is your history with music?

AM: Four years ago in 2010 I was 16 years old and I wanted to be a drummer. Unfortunately my dad bought an acoustic guitar haha. Honestly it was strange that he bought that guitar because I knew it’d become another still frame on the wall since we didn’t know how to play it. I really don’t know what pushed him to do it. In any case, I didn’t give it much thought because my mind was set on being a drummer, but the influence of friends I had that played the guitar made me want to pick it up even though I felt like I was cheating on my love for drums. In any case, Rafael (blue meanie/FAVRTSM) taught me the basics and I ran with it until I started creating my own stuff years later.

What is your favorite food/drink?

AM: Pizza and coffee but not together haha


What makes you happy/sad?

AM: It really makes me happy to see the love and sense of community in humanity at times. To see people help others when in need due to their sincere care for the well being of the other. It’s truly something beautiful in a world infested with hate, crime and war. It’s that very hate that exists in this world that makes me sad. I just don’t get it. We all breathe, we all feel, we all eat and we all have needs that we share in common. These things should bring us together as human beings that share this planet we live in. Unfortunately it is evident that there is a greater evil spirit behind most of humanity that keeps on spreading hate for the most ridiculous reasons. Unfortunately, at times there is no escaping that spirit. We have all been victims of hate. Not because we’re evil but because at some point in our lives we’ve been hurt by it and our reaction has been full of the same hate. In reality, that has usually been the chain of reaction in humanity over the years, which is why it only seems to be getting worse. To me its definitely a saddening reality I’ve had to cope with, which is why it’s beautiful to me to see signs of a good spirit out there. It sure makes me happy.


Thank you and link up with Adam M. below:

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