Princess Reason

Princess Reason is a musical project created by Jack Stansbury. It began in early 2013 in College Park, Maryland. The first release was the always pretty EP, which is comprised of four love songs that shy from the two minute mark, and yet are overflowing with greatness. A few copies were made on tape and sold at shows, though all of his music is available on bandcamp for download. A self-titled full length followed in the summer with slightly longer songs, drone elements, and other noises. Stansbury recently moved to Echo Park, California and continues to write, record, and make art as Princess Reason. Look for a new release, shows, and more in this coming year! Also, you can check out more of the great drawings he creates, many of which he shares on his social media, by linking up on various sites using the information directly following the exchange of drawings. For this “talk” I wrote/drew some questions for Princess Reason and recieved some very lovely responses. You can view our interview of sorts and listen to some great tunes below:



Dear Princess Reason,


1 ) Who are you ?11 who are you2 ) What inspires you or how do you create ?


2 how do you create 3 ) What is the ideal setting to listen to your latest release ?

3 ideal setting to listen

4 ) What is your spirit animal or soul creature ?4

4 spirit animal

 5 ) Draw a representation of a song of yours ? 5

5 draw one of your songs we are splitting

(a visual representation of) Princess Reason‘s “We Are Splitting”

6 ) Draw something wrong with the world ?


6 something wrong with the world 7 ) Draw your sound ?


7 draw your sound 8 ) What would you do if you weren’t a musician ?

musician not

what would you do if you weren't a musician 9 )  Draw your favourite childhood memorabilia or pastime or cartoon ?

child pastimefavorite childhood 10 ) What is the meaning of life ?meeningthe meaning of life END.


Thank you and we hope you enjoyed the first full art/doodle/drawing exchange on Steep Sounds and was able to learn some cool things about Princess Reason. If you are an artist/musician and are interested in doing something like this or have any ideas/comments/thoughts, please email !

Thanks again and link up with Princess Reason below:

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