Wakes is a music project started by Tim Oxton that used to be called Polaroids, and Polaroids is a music project started by Tim Oxton that used to be called Johnny Appleseed. Now that potential confusion has set in, it all began in late 2012 when Oxton, who records everything personally in his room, started releasing his music. Back in the day, Johnny Appleseed caught the all seeing eyes of Allston Pudding and soon existed on their fall mixtape. However, shortly thereafter Oxton decided to start over by renaming his project Polaroids with the hopes of making new and more cohesive music. However, copyright concerns forced him to change the name, and there you have it folks, our final destination…Wakes! Currently, the live line up for Wakes is Oxton and Hadden Stemp, of The New Highway Hymnal.

Wakes was just officially signed to Shape Records and will be releasing a 12″ in the spring of this year. Until then, you can immerse yourself in Wakes’ bandcamp and learn more about Oxton while embracing your inner pirate below:




*Note: the following images may be clicked for more detail*


Here is the transcribed version if you like… ✎

1.    Who are you?

TO: I’m Tim Oxton. I record as “Wakes” in my bedroom. I also take photos and make film. (I drew my glasses)

2.    What inspires you?

TO: I’m not sure what inspires me. It’s nothing tangible – I just know that if I didn’t record or take photos, I’d go insane. I get visibly anxious if I don’t. I just can’t stop for better or worse.

3.    What is the ideal setting to listen to your latest release:

TO: Your room. In the dark, with comically large headphones.  Preferably either alone or with someone you like.

4.    What is your spirit animal?

TO: Puffin.

5.    Draw a song of yours:

TO: “Headlights”


6.    Draw something that is wrong with the world:

TO: A person saying, “I don’t get why I should pay for music when I can get if for free.”

7.    Draw your sound:

TO: A person dreaming about the beach, water, and wakes.

8.    Draw your favorite place?

TO: A dark room in use.

9.    What is your favorite thing to drink?

TO: Orange juice.

10.  What are you most proud of?

TO: My photography.

What was your favourite childhood music?

Paul Simon – “Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes


Thank you for reading and link up with Wakes below:



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