Out of Hampshire, Britain (UK) emerges the entertaining visionaries of Blaenavon, namely Benjamin Gregory (Guitar and Vocals), Frank Wright (Bass), and Harris McMillan (Drums).  At a combined age of 53, these three 17-18 year old lads possess a multitude of wisdom beyond their years and some extraordinary talent to match. Late last September, Blaenavon released their debut EP entitled Koso through Transgressive Records’ imprint label called paradYse and it sold out quite fast. The telling talent of this young three-piece lies in their ability to craft such zealous, dreamy, and killer singles such as “Into the Night” and “Denim Patches.”  Blaenavon’s Koso is comprised of 4 flawless songs that are not only powerful, fresh, and overflowing with good-natured guitar, but they also take part in bringing life to the enchanting and spirited story of these three rising stars. You can stream Koso in all of its glory and check out my exchange with Blaenavon’s one and only Harris McMillan below:


Heyyyo! Who are you / what do you guys do in Blaenavon?

HM: Hiya. Benjamin tends to focus on band styling, getting us looking neat for performances and whatnot, Franklin is the Bassmaster, he also takes a subsidiary role as band politician, Harris is CEO and tends to hit the drum.

How did Blaenavon begin and how do you guys create your songs ?

HM: Blaenavon began in the Grannex. We were rehearsing for a school talent competition, which received critical acclaim, and we were encouraged to become a real band by Mr. Drung Ogely –our inspiration and music teacher—he also suggested that we use descending chord patterns to get higher than the weather.

Can you please draw a picture of your sound ? 

Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 1.14.04 AMWhat is your favourite thing to drink this chilly season ?

HM: Holsten Pills puts the fire in our bellies.

What does the future hold for Blaenavon (literally or metaphorically) ?

HM: We only work in metaphor and we wish to churn out some hits and spread butter over the dry wheatloaf of the music industry.

What are your spirit animals or instruments ?

HM: A fascinating question! Franklin channels the spirit of the wise mongoose, Harris sees himself in a flock of pigeons and Ben feels at home when swimming with terrapins (RIP Shelley 2013).

*Steep Sounds turned Blaenavon into their spirit animals in a rough sketch available below*

Can you please explain one of your songs!?

HM: Just search ‘Magic Sticky Hand’ into any accepted internet browser to see what ‘Prague’ really is. Be careful though kids.


Who inspires who or who are some of your favourite artists/bands/musicians (and why if you like)?

HM: Alan Rickman is a prime figure and inspires our stage acting. Allen Ginsberg knows his way around the arts and his rendition of ‘Father Death’ is fabulous.

What are you most looking forward to for 2014?

HM: Got some juicy European shows comin’ up in the January and the February. Also seeing some familiar faces at Bryn Derwen studios should be a treat.

What was the last keen music release that made you super excited? Is there anything else that the world should know about Blaenavon?

HM: Hmmm, excitement… we all thought the QOTSA album was grood. Rad Fru (big up themselves) made an enthralling debut with Tempting Meat//Metal Bar amongst other Caledonia Records ™ releases. The fanbase should know that Franklin has recovered from his recent malady and is ready to join the team as we embark on world domination once again.



Thank you! Link up with Blaenavon below and look forward to more world domination in the future:


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