Are you perpetually looking for something to instill you with the will to make it through each approaching week? Luckily, all you need is a healthy dose of Boston chill, thrill, and goodwill in the form of a special pill you can always refill, known simply as Krill.  The visionary rockers of Krill exist as Jonah Furman, Aaron Ratoff, and Ian Becker (previous drummer Luke Pyenson is in London nowadays), and they are all incredibly passionate and supportive of the Boston music scene and other Northeastern havens of tunage.  Krill possesses the ability to create and perform dynamic songs with fervent energy that address issues of balance, transition, and retrospect in day-to-day life. I cannot remember if it was their punk-garage-pop-rock, fluid and yet transformative sound that first stuck out to me, or if it was their ability to weave their salubrious senses of humor into almost anything and everything. Whatever it was that resonated in my mind, I learned that it’s better late than never to begin to understand what it means to “Krill Krill Krill forever.”


Krill’s newest EP—Steve Hears Pile in Malden and Bursts into Tears is being released officially February 18th and you can pre-order the vinyl / digit album on their bandcamp “wheretheresakrilltheresaway” and/or also snag some threads (do you). Streaming below you can listen to the title track and another one called “Turd.” Do not let the name fool you, Krill literally transforms the thought of poop into a aesthetic and philosophical take on the concept of unending change and deliberation………………… but yeah Jonah sings about doodoo.


You can also check out their other releases Lucky Leaves and Alam No Hris, which are bound to send you some long lasting good vibes. Between playing numerous venues and house shows alike, getting ready to release their newest EP, supporting local well being and more, the pure of heart – Jonah of Krill, found some time to answer a few questions below:



What is Krill?

krill foreverWhat inspires Krill?

krill forever

How are you balancing life right now?

krill foreverIf you close your eyes what is the first thing you see? 

krill foreverWhat are you most proud of?

krill forever

Draw something that is wrong with the world?

krill forever

Thank you for tuning in! Only you can link up with Krill below while simultaneously promoting your positive mental and spiritual health forever and ever:

and ever. 


This is a shot of Krill captured live by Ben Stas at Great Scott 1.13.14 at the sold out Mutual Benefit / Krill / Frankie Cosmos show ! ! ! Check out his photography and view more photos from the night by clicking below ! ! !

Ben Stas // Noise Floor Photography

Ben Stas // Noise Floor Photography

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