New Release / Astronaut Husband

Astronaut Husband is the solo project of Haunter’s very own Alec Grefe. Since May 2012, Grefe has put out two more albums and a couple EPs all available on his bandcamp here. Astronaut Husband is composed of soothing acoustic guitar and soft-calming vocals layered with ambient sounds and other consoling accompaniment. Off of one of his old releases Just Some Random Songs, I often find myself falling into cycles of repeating “untitled 1.”  It was the first song he wrote in a weekly songwriting project that was sadly short lived.


“untitled 1” is lead by hypnotizing guitar and tambourine that merely echo the sincerity of Grefe’s lyrics, a lulling and recurring theme throughout many of his songs, albums, and covers.


 Astronaut Husband is releasing his third album today, February 1st, 2014, entitled Drip.  For for Friday night, Saturday morning listening pleasure, streaming below is the album in its entirety featuring some lovely art courtesy of Samantha Strauss:


Each song on Drip is captivating, unique, and a genuinely lovely listening experience. The title track in particular is extremely entrancing and makes me think of wandering the arctic until the warmth of the guitar and vocals enter, combatting the sense of weariness that remains adrift. “Tattoo Land,” “Coat,” and “Tiny Jangle” are also great standout tracks to me and really resonate the different coalescing and overall calming vibes of the entire record. You can support Grefe in Astronaut Husband by snagging Drip and his other albums on his bandcamp, and also by checking out his band Haunter! Watch Haunter‘s newest music video for “Constellation” below and get ready for a new EP coming soon on Otherworldly Mystics.


Thank you for listening! Link up with Astronaut Husband at your whim:

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