Fennec // Exclusive Premiere

Familiarize yourself with Fennec, an electronic musician producer, who spent some time traveling around the United Kingdom and North Africa creating his debut album Let Your Heart Break coming out February 11th! Putting loads of different influences and ideas into his music, Fennec has 15 sick new tracks to grace your ears, lives, travels and more dropping next week. Take them with you wherever you want, such as to the gym as Fennec suggests. You can follow his progressive beats and learn more about him and his music before the album is officially released this this month.

(Let Your Heart Break album art and track list available below)

let ur

  1. X98
  2. As The World Forgets You
  3. Hemlock Groove
  4. Denali
  5. Pure//Innocent
  6. Woke Up Feeling Disconnected
  7. L8RG8R
  8. Sonderlurch
  9. Time For Yourself
  10. Polygonal Range
  11. Coastal City Split
  12. Vandalia
  13. Infrastructure
  14. Blurred Lights
  15. Waiting For Someone

Fennec‘s upcoming album is upbeat, dynamic and invigorating electronic music combining elements of house music, techno, and other trance and dance-pop beats.  Exclusively premiering on Steep Sounds is Fennec’s single off of Let Your Heart Break entitled “L8RG8R.” Have a listen and read more about Fennec in our talk below:




1 ) Hello, who are you ?

Fennec: I’m a student and I make music to pass time and make myself happy. I live alone with a cat. There are days where I don’t say anything out loud. That’s so depressing, hahaha. What a terrible summary.


2 ) Where does your name come from ?

Fennec: It’s a cute little animal and it’s my last name. Have you ever seen a Fennec fox? They have big ears and adorable little faces. I don’t care much for the sound they make. It’s high and shrill. Fennec foxes are not my favorite animal though. Polar bears are. They’re so big and they seem very calm. I would love to hug one around the neck.


3 ) How do you describe your means of creation ? 

Fennec: It’ll happen 1 of 3 ways…

1. I’ll hear part of a song in my head and then it’s just a matter of putting it down. I was sitting in class when I thought of the song Infrastructure on my album and I had to write down the rhythm for all the instruments so I could make it when I got home.

2. I get really motivated to make music anytime I go to a concert. Even bad ones because I’m listening to the music and thinking, “This isn’t very good. It’d be better if they were doing X, Y, and Z. Oh, I can just go do that myself.”

3. I dreamed most of the tracks on the album into existence. Like, just when you’re falling asleep or just when you’re waking up, I hear fragments of the song. X98, Woke Up Feeling Disconnected, Polygonal Range. Those are the songs that started in dreamland.


4 ) What are your influences (from life or other musicians or styles or people) ?

Fennec: Feeling emotions. I’m very much just kind of flat-lined most of the time so when I do feel something it’s really extreme and affects me for the rest of the day.. Did you ever see the movie Gravity? The one with Sandra Bullock. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so much during a movie. From the middle to the end it was just tears. Exponentially (YEAH). I know some people didn’t like it because it wasn’t realistic or cheesy or something, but just take it at face value and it’s really scary. That moment when Sandra decides to just die? Moments like that. It’s not really so ridiculous. We’re all in the same position Sandra was in though. We all die. She just happened to be in space.


Fennec: My shower radio is a big influence. I got that fairly recently, like last August. It’s relaxing to listen to Top 40 pop with a nice hot shower. You can really zone into songs and figure out what’s going on in there and how you can replicate that. Also, Kanye West and Taylor Swift. To me, those are the people that I’m competing against. Competition fosters creativity. I see the gaps in music that nobody is making and I make music to fill those gaps. This is my shower radio by the way: http://www.amazon.com/Conair-SR10-Shower-Radio-Black/dp/B001ELJO2O/ I fully endorse this product and am happy to be their unofficial spokesperson.


5 ) What do you hope people will take away from your music ?

Fennec: I travel quite a bit, not in an exotic way, and I do most of my music listening then. So, I’d hope that my music could serve some kind of utilitarian purpose like that. Music you could listen to while driving on a trip or working out at the gym. Oh, you probably meant message-wise. I already wrote that other stuff so just leave it there. The title of my new album is “Let Your Heart Break” which is more of a message that sometimes you have to give up something you love in order to make any personal progress. There’s a message. But also, the gym. Preferably while lifting haha.


6 ) Draw a song (or representation thereof) of something off of your upcoming album ?




7 ) What is the last thing you were really excited about ?

Fennec: 2 things (Happened in the same day):

1. I found Nicki Minaj’s version of “Boss Ass Bitch” and it killllllllls. It’s so fantasticly assertive and bossy and like, you know she’s out for blood.


2. I found Marc Maron’s TV show “Maron” on Netflix and watched the whole first season. It was really good. I really identified with it, even though he and I probably have very little in common.


8 ) With your debut album coming out Febraruy 11th, is there anything else that people should know about it or about your music ?

Fennec: Absolutely yes always. What J Dilla did with Donuts and hip-hop music I wanted to do for dance music with this album. Like how the songs just flow right into one another. That’s harder to do with dance music though because dance music is usually long-form. They’re 6-12 minute tracks with isolated instruments so DJs can mix them in and instruments develop really slowly over the song. I didn’t want to do that though. I wanted really quick dance songs in the 2-3 minute range. That perfect pop song time range that you’d hear on the radio. So, to people listening to my album, know that. Ideally, people are gonna be listening to this on laptops and on their phones so it gets that tinny, compressed, digital quality that radio broadcasts get. Don’t take the album too seriously.


Thanks for reading and listening! Get ready for Let Your Heart Break and link up with Fennec Below:

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