Frankie Cosmos

Presenting Greta Kline, a young New York City songbird who doubles as a powerhouse in terms of forging bandcamp gold. In December of 2011, Kline witnessed the birth of her true-spirited musical alias, friend, and more – Frankie Cosmos. Since 2009, Frankie Cosmos has released 46+ albums of honest, charming, dreamy, euphonic, self-recorded, and thrilling guitar-pop hits. Her lastest release, Donutes, less than two weeks old features fourteen wholesome tracks that, like most of her albums, I wish would never end.  Simply put, “Frankie Cosmos is the infinite cosmos infinite space.” Some of her favourite things include cereal, her doggie JoeJoe, kitkat chunkies, and flowers. In other words, “Frankie Cosmos is the flower you should grow.” Recently Kline has developed a more full band sound, namely Frankie Cosmos and the Emptiness, with the addition of three talents and friends: a recurring and esteemed figure by the name of Ronnie Mystery (Aaron Maine of Porches), his brother David Mystery (David Maine), and good comrade Gabby Teardrop (Gabrielle Smith of eskimeaux). Together they piece together the endless relatable Frankie Cosmos tunes we all know and love (or should get to know here). Essentially, “Frankie Cosmos is connected to your soul.”

If you wanted to pick a new Frankie Cosmos song to listen to every single week, you could do that for more than 3 and a half years straight and not repeat a single song. The square root of 40,069 is 200-something, right? Cause I’ve been tryna work out how there are more than 200 Frankie Cosmos tunes available on her bandcamp page… Kline’s work ethic is one for the books. Basically, if you haven’t figured it out by now, Frankie Cosmos will simply give you endless joy and happiness with her hearty and genuine tunage. While you immerse yourself in such goodness, you can pre-order Zentropy, her first studio-recorded album out March 4th by clicking on the album art of her doggie JoeJoe below. Zentropy is being released by the cool people of Double Double Whammy, who are appreciative of the adorable heart-melting qualities of dogs and Frankie Cosmos alike. The limited edition white vinyl is complete with 18 minutes on one side and screen-printed visual art by Gabrielle Smith and Susannah Cutler on the other.

When Kline was little, she dreamed of becoming a visual artist, and for some time she has been succeeding  at making her dream a reality utilizing a surplus of mediums. In our interview below, Frankie Cosmos used her visual skills to magically bring her answers to life with some imaginative and endearing doodlebugs. While you check out our conversation of crayon filled drawings, you can listen to some of my favourites off of Frankie Cosmos‘ latest records, along with “Owen,” the first lovely single from her forthcoming debut studio album, Zentropy, all available below:


Dear Frankie Cosmos,


1 ) Who are you?IMG_0888

who are you

2 ) What is your favourite childhood memorabilia ?


childhood memorabilia3 ) What is your sound ?


draw your sound

4 ) What is your favourite thing to ingest ?


fav thing to ingest5 ) What inspires you ?


what inspires you_how do you create

6 ) Draw something that is wrong with the world ?


something wrong with the world

7 ) Draw a song ?

IMG_0935 draw a song♪ ↑ a visual representation of all Frankie Cosmos songs ↑ ♪

8 ) What is your spirit animal or soul creature ?


spirit animal_soul creature

 9 ) Where is the ideal setting to listen to Zentropy ?

IMG_0904 ideal setting to listenEND.


Thank you so much for reading and listening! Hope you enjoyed Frankie Cosmos‘ cool art and cool music! Link up and check out some more goodies below:

Also, remember Krill? Frankie Cosmos covers their song “Solitare” and it rules. Listen to both killer versions below and struggle in turning them both off, like I do on a daily basis:


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