Harmoos // Premiere

Harmoos originated as a solo project in Amherst in 2012 by Boston’s very own Will Henriksen.  Resounding support and growth meant that in the beginning of 2013, Will found a cool friend named Garth Brody who found it in his heart to join the Harmoos fam. Harmoos also found it in their hearts to premiere a the first song off of their new upcoming album -to be officially released in May- but you might want to read all this important stuff first, or just look at the pictures, and click on every link

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Back to business…. Together in the summer of 2013, Harmoos was able to tour the eastern states along with their Florida friends Lovebrrd and Tender Cruncher. That same summer Will and Garth relocated to Boston, the true home of these song-esquires. Once in the Harmoozone, they started playing with super-bassist Joe Correia. However, Joe found the need to answer the clangorous cry of a world down-under and is off frolicking in the midst of kangaroos, touring Australia and playing tuba with the Underscore Orkestra. While Joe is off in Oz, Harmoos joins hands with Alex Freedom of Wisconsin’s *woot woot* Big Waves of Pretty, filling in on bass until April when Joe will return to Harmoos to play bass on tour.

Harmoos plays sad, dreamy, energetic, and motivational music. Harmoos can evolve from a solo act into a duo, and then level-up to one of its final evolutions as a trio, though in its evolutionary chain, it is most coveted as a trio.


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Anything is the first full “band” album. The album is about losing yourself, losing others, and discovering a place to begin again and start over. Each song takes shape as individual personal experience continues on and springboards off into a new world.  The band has played these songs for months, learning to look at the material from a distance and developing a new sort of friendship with the songs.  Harmoos found difficulty in keeping track of what’s based on experience and what was crafted solely for the sake of the music, as it all meshes together in one lovely display of Anything and everything HarmoosKelly Hunter is in the midst of crafting the Harmagnificent album art for everything. Sneak peak at her wondrous work-in-progress below:

harmoos art

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In the past Harmoos has put out releases on Lava Church and Holy Page. However, in May, around the time of their American tour *SOS help them*, Harmoos is releasing Anything on one of Boston’s favourite tape labels Blood Oath Slumber Party aka the pure magic of Chris Dougnac and Virginia de la Pozas (and their strong happy vibing connections to Miami, Florida). Simultaneously they will be self-releasing Anything on CD for the fine people of the world.

New music means new travels for the Harmoosers. Besides their shows coming up in Massachusetts and NYC, they are booking an April East coast-ish tour (traveling to Florida and back) and May ‘Merica tour (across the country!) and…..


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That’s right, you. That’s right, help. Lots of help. If you can help them, you should definitely email henriksenwill@aol.com to be a part of this Harmoogic. They would love your friendship, ideas, help, and monster/dinosaur stories! Together with Joe and Garth on tour, Will is looking forward to passing around the bag of salad mix while driving – healthy touring Harmoos kids.  Fun fact: Garth’s minivan is named The Megabus and both sliding doors are broken.

*Steep Sounds attempted to capture the essence of Harmoos in a paint drawing available below*


*click me 2 jam*

Whoa! In its internet debut below, Harmoos is releasing Anything’s first single, “Windows” recorded and mixed by Joel Edinberg at Q Division Studios in Somerville, MA.  Everything Harmoos though Jason Anderson did write the last part of the song! Yay for Do-It-Togetherness ❤ Listen to Jason’s other tunes here. “There is time, there is time, and I will love you with an open heart” is from Jason’s song “There is Time.”

Note: Harmoos is not to be confused with a Haymoos

Screen Shot 2014-02-23 at 2.45.55 PM

Thank you! Link up with Harmoos below and look forward to more fun in the near future. These things below are all important and should all be opened in different tabs. You know you want to:

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