The Raspberry Heaven

The Raspberry Heaven is the project of one Michael Charles Hansford, hailing from the small town of Midland Ontario. The name stems from the anime Azumanga Daioh, and echoes the very atmosphere of his latest self-release Nascent Meadows. Self-classified into the genre of “sad-pop” The Raspberry Heaven blends avid pop influence with splashes of elegiac emo-tendencies. This latest release came during September of last year and you can read more about it below:


Beginning Nascent Meadows is “Only Child,” an incredibly inspiring ballad featuring an air of hopefulness and longing to complete the sense of harmony that grows throughout the song –which also serves as a recurring theme throughout the record.


The ending of the opening track transitions well into the next and is very reminiscent of the tone set before. Hansford’s personal lyrics and expressive vocals drift well above melodic guitar lines and expressive drums in the second track “Awenda.”


“January Geniune” begins with soft acoustic guitar strumming and faint strings being plucked in the background until the vocals come in and highlight some really lovely drawn out chords towards the second half of the track.  These warbling water like sounds highlight Hansford’s lyrics and play off of the feel of the previous 2 songs.


The next song on the album is “Substance” and it starts out strongly and is a very nice compliment to the following track “Margaret.” Both are powerful ballads that grow as they progress, though each features a different emphasis.


The melodic and moving guitar at the beginning of “Meadow & Her Missing Wolf” is incredibly enticing and draws the listening into the track which also swells into a strong showcase of Hansford’s vocal abilities, as he plays with different instances of speaking/singing/shouting that compliment the generated atmosphere well.


The last three songs on the record close it well and complete the melancholy ambience that The Raspberry Heaven worked so hard to produce.  It is clear that The Raspberry Heaven is incredibly passionate about their art and creating a base that they hope to continue building off of in the future.


You can download Nascent Meadows off of The Raspberry Heaven’s bandcamp and check out their other releases/EPs. Start Track will be physically releasing a cassette of the album in the fall for you to acquire if you like.  And if you are in London, you can snag a tape copy of the Insomnious EP through Lost State Records here (15 are left).  Though the band started off just with Hansford performing solo, it has grown to possess more people who support Hansford’s visions. They just came across a full time drummer, Tyler Carrigan, who will be joining Hansford (song compositions, lyrics, guitar and bass), Tyler, Jamie Chute (lead guitar, keyboards), and Darcy Robichaud (rhythmic guitar) in full band performances. Their next show is March 30th in London, Ontario with Escape Goats at the APK. Definitely check out The Raspberry Heaven and learn more about their music for yourself.


Thanks for reading! Keep up with The Raspberry Heaven for upcoming releases and more:

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