Brainwave Bionics

Straight outta Newton, MA, we have for you Brainwave Bionics and their new tunes released the first day of this year. Lux Life is available for your listening pleasure on their bandcamp, (if you would please click on the next word) here. Composed of James Lightning, Space Ghost, Dj Manslaughter, and Ko, Brainwave Bionics is real, and these doggs are taking over in their “persistent quest for Beauty, and The Based Liffe.” Surely a luxurious listen for many an occasion, you can check out Lux Life and other previous releases such as Post​-​Madonna, Prima Donna or Eponymous (also available on their bandcamp).  They have crafted a classy tape release for you available ~now~ on Collide Records and Tapes, which you can purchase here. You can listen to their full album, as well as read a short & sillyfun based exchange with Brainwave Bionics below:


SS: Ello, who are you ?

BB JL: James Coarse (aka James Lightning) & / of Brainwave Bionics.

SS: Where does your name come from ?

BB JL: I was applying to work at a collectively run sub shop in Amherst & was asked to include some art-based supplement. I wrote/recorded a song for them (which nobody who was hiring me listened to, but I got hired anyway) that included the line “fucking on sports and playing brainwave bionics.” It was supposed to be a coy (not so coy?) reference to having sex on the pool table inside the sub shop after hours which I could point to out of spite if they didn’t hire me. I ended up wanting to use it for the band, in part because of the long history of banger bands that have two “b”-words as their name (e.g. beastie boys, beach boys, bad brains, etc.). The version I recorded for the interview is on and there is a newer version on the Brainwave Bionics (bb) bandcamp.

 SS: How do you write your brainwave jams ?

BB JL: Recently, Space Ghost & I have had lots of luck recording freestyle guitar/drum/vocal jams and then just cutting them up (see: “Peter and Jane Get Based and Go Bowling” which became “Post-Madonna, Prima Donna”).

Alternatively, I will try and find a song or artist that I really like and do my best to rip them off. Someone once told me that as long as you really steal a song (& not just cover it) then it’s yours and you don’t have to give it back. I like that. This way I can kill my idols & mourn them in one swoop.

SS: What are your influences !?

BB JL: I’ve been hugely influenced by Lil’  B over the past few years. That in a way perhaps outside of style or music. For a while I wouldn’t listen to anything else. He put out a mixtape with 101 songs so I’m still working on that. Also: Notorious B.I.G., eyes (over ass), Pavement, Neal Cassady, Kelly Nothing, Juiceboxxx, bands with no internet content, Bill Cosby, minor discomfort (like the discomfort of being just a little bit too warm and pretty hungry)

 SS: What do you hope people will take away from your based art?

BB JL: I’m not sure yet. In “Based (Undone)” I said “…just tell me that I’m handsome.” Sometimes that.

SS: Can you draw a song (or just describe one) or something off of your upcoming mix tape !?

BB JL: I used to be really happy with the MS Paint art (see most bb album covers on the bandcamp prior to Lux Life). Can’t do that here though because Jonah blew up my spot. Also my computer with windows is also sus’d.

 SS: What is the last thing you were really excited about ! ! ?

BB JL: I have a friend who works in a spa and he offered to get me in after hours for a shvitz. That was exciting. Also I’ve been really excited about summer. I miss the heat. Also a different friend of mine said to me “I’ve been working on this new thing where I say “good deal” to indicate that I like something, independent of the deal/ cost v.value” (I’m paraphrasing).

SS: What should people look out for in Brainwave Bionics future ?

BB JL: The next mixtape I am putting out is called “BB PRESENTS: I SHOT LITTLE B.” should b really good.

 Note: Brainwave Bionics cut a sneak summation of this new mixtape in 3 words:

“Coarse cuts country.”




Thank you for reading and tuning your based eardrums into Brainwave Bionics. If you like what you hear, check out these lovely links below:


*Steep Sounds presents some rough sketch based brainwave stuff available below*


yeah boi.


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