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The songstress standing before us sweetly sang, “Ask me a question, double meaning…,” and then abruptly stopped for a second because she wanted to turn on the twinkling blue lights that she had carefully set up earlier. Virginia de las Pozas, who goes by Couples Counseling (or also ½ of Cry Guy) had just started her bumping live set for us all, and soon the entire room was graced by her floating melodic vocals and enchanting dream-pop samples. “Should I obey a corpse or a conscious” and “Can I be your floating head” are just a small taste of more of her dreamy and lyrical inquiries that resonated long after her set had ended. One of the mystical characteristics about her songwriting and composition is how each of her songs feels like a cozy, personal, and engaging conversation with de las Pozas herself. Originally from Miami, FL and currently stationed in Boston, MA, Virginia is a student at Berklee and also produces impressively creative tapes for the label Blood Oath Slumber Party that she and Chris Dougnac run.

Couples Counseling recently teamed up with Ian, the lovely Jilian Medford, for their Sad Girls tour earlier this month.  Kicking it all off and releasing their tapes in Boston (3/15) at The Womb with Little Spoon *new music up*, Bees, and St. Nothing. Together, Couples Counseling and Ian adventured across the East Coast and hit Baltimore (today ~ 3/16), Providence (3/17), Brooklyn (3/18), Burlington, VT (3/19), Bard College (3/20), Montpelier, VT (3/21), and Easton, PA (3/22). You can actually go see Couples Counseling tomorrow 3/27 @ The Middle East in Cambridge, MA for a benefit show helping out the Los Blancos Community Center in the Dominican Republic. *More upcoming shows at the end of this picture talk*

Also, if you sadly missed these dreamy princesses, do not fret, you can check out their tapes available through Blood Oath Slumber Party –I know firsthand that they were crafted and assembled with an abundance of love, and some blood, sweat, and tears.  For Couples Counseling, a limited run of only 100 tapes were created and each include a handmade colorful booklet of art, collages, and some imagery that you may recognize after reading more ~ so do not miss out!

Like the imaginative and gifted human she is, Virginia has provided us with some imagery that represents her, Couples Counseling, and her thoughts on life.  Our exchange of visuals is available below along with her new streaming self-titled release for you to fall in love with:


Dear Couples Counseling,

hello 1 ) Who are you ?  

whoare you


 2 ) What is your sound ? 

sond 2

 3 ) What is your inspiration ?

IN 3Under the name couples counseling, I’m communicating from a perspective within a relationship where we’ve pretty much had to deconstruct and start over, and in the process I’ve kind of exhumed all these personal issues with love, sex, and friendships. This past year or so I’ve had to really examine all of my relationships, romantic and not, and figure out why I was surrounding myself with certain people and which relationships were healthy for me. I’ve also come to terms with a lot about myself and my sexual orientation. So, mostly I am writing about sex, conflict, and what I’ve learned about people through having it.There is other stuff in there too but it doesn’t surface as often.

 4 ) What is the best place to listen to your self-titled release on Blood Oath Slumber Party ?

setting 4Most of the songs that I’m preparing for this tape were conceived in transit, or at least during some kind of emotional limbo. I’ve spent a lot of my teen years taking hour plus rides to meet up with people that were/are important to me, and I’m taking the bus a lot now. It’s just a really reflective space for me. Ideally I’d say that if you are trying to feel what the songs are about, listen on the bus. One of the most important songs on this tape is this 12 minute emo pop jam that exists on top of a sampled bus ride, so some of that is already in there on that song.

 5 ) Draw a representation of a song ?! “Floating Heads”



 6 ) What is your history with music ?

I couldn’t tell you when I decided to make music my “thing,” because I’m pretty sure I came out of the womb wanting to be Britney Spears. I’ve been singing for as long as I can remember. Eventually my taste developed and the Britney dream was discarded, but I’ve continued to be focused on pop forms and catchy melodies and the like. I got really into orchestra in middle school and played cello a bunch, and then I went to high school for classical voice and picked up guitar and started realistically writing songs. I played in every band that I possibly could, played shows constantly, wrote music constantly. At the end of high school I started dabbling in vocal jazz and developed an interest in electronic music and those interests have carried over to what I’m doing now.

 7 ) Draw another song!? “Double Dream Sequence”

song 6

 8 ) What would you do if you were not a musician ?

I guess I would probably hang out somewhere in the realm of visual arts. Around the same time that my parents realized I had a knack for music, I was doing a lot of art stuff as well. Music was just the path that we put me on. I still dabble in art occasionally but I don’t have the same kind of experience. I am making a lot of art for couples counseling, though. I really like taking advantage of the big picture – everything that you experience when you listen to an album or see a live set. That’s something that I want to do more in the coming months.

 9 ) What is something wrong with the world ? 


 10 ) What is the meaning of life ? 

Untitled 9



Thank you so much for reading and listening! Hope you enjoyed Couples Counseling’s cool art and cool music! Link up and check out all this fun stuff below:


↓↓ w a i t , m o r e ↓↓


If you are in Mass, you don’t want to miss out on these upcoming shows

✔ TOMORROW 3/27 @ The Middle East (Cambridge) *benefit show*

✔ 4/04 in *Allston, MA* w/ Tani, Cobly Nathan, The Rising Sun, Markhor, Rainbow Wizrd

✔ 4/18 in Jamaica Plain, MA w/IAN, Sun Club, Flag Day

✔ 4/19 @ THE WOMB (Allston) w/ Julie Byrne, Suno Deko, Amy Godwin


hi i'm couples counseling

~ Couples Counseling // Amanda King © ~

Here is a another shot of Couples Counseling captured by the lovely Amanda King! ! ! Check out her photography by clicking on the photo! ! ! so so so phresh n so clean clean


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