Born and raised in Brooklyn, — alongside The Epoch is Now, an inspiring community of musicians, writers, visual artists, and filmmakers — Oliver Kalb is Bellows. Bellows is Kalb’s personal project of enriching bedroom-punk-pop-folk incorporating numerous intricacies and a loud, majestic, and empowering feel. Bellows will make you want to dance around the room with your dog, walk hand in hand along a river with someone special, feel the refreshing spring breeze welcome the summer, and much more. These past couple days, “See Bright, Be Fine,” has done this for me on so many levels.



Just released today, Bellows’ latest record Blue Breath is one of those rare albums where every song speaks its own authentic and engaging story. For example, “Hate Yourself,” is a song whose title provokes surprising uncertainty, however, this calming hymn speaks nothing of the sort. Rather, Kalb’s voice rings through a choir of layered vocals into hushed expressions of adoration beyond oneself. If there existed a word for music that felt like the person was sharing their own sense of self-deprecation, minus all of the austerity, I feel as though it would reflect one of the many things Bellows accomplishes in their warming and refreshing resignations.

Look at this track listing!

Look at this track listing!

Additionally before reading all of the lyrics, available on bandcamp here, you can read a small note of apology or designation of whom each song is for adding to its modest and healing feel. Absorbing this album was one of the loveliest things I have had the pleasure to do all year.  In the purest of forms, it reminded me of what it really means to create and share music with others. Below, you can check out some of Kalb’s delightful doodled answers in our short interview, while listening to a glorious stream of Blue Breath:


Dear Bellows,

hello 1 ) Who are you ?


who are you 2 )  What is your history with music ?

momm 3 ) What is your soul creature / spirit animal ?

spirir 4 ) What is your inspiration / how do you create ?how do u c 5 ) What is something wrong in the world ?wrong 6 ) Who would you trade places with ?trade 7 ) Where is the ideal setting to listen to Blue Breath?where 8 )  Draw a song?

cease 2



Thank you so much for reading and listening! Hope you enjoyed Bellows‘ cool art and cool music! Link up and check out some more goodies below:


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