J LITT // Premiere

Jack Littman, who goes by the moniker J LITT when featured in the lights, hails from the the sunshine of Los Angeles, CA,  is well versed in both the realms of music and film.  For some time now, he has been developing his own sound through the combination of an array of musical influences spanning from R&B to Motown to Soul to Rock and more. This blend allows for the deep layering of vocals, hip-hop beats, synth, and guitar featured in J LITT songs to create a soothing atmosphere or alternate reality for listeners to consider any percolating thoughts within. Immersed in your own self-searching, it is not too difficult to connect to the experimental and exploratory facets of Littman’s creations.  

His new EP “TOO J LITT TO QUIT” will be released May 13th of this year, and don’t sleep on this pre-order of the limited edition cassette here on bandcamp.While you wait for his self-released EP to drop, Steep Sounds is pleased to premiere  J LITT‘s new single “Heaven” for you below. “Heaven” features an entrancing guitar melody that opens up the track that soon is joined by the pairing of Littman’s crooning vocals and soulful piano lines floating over a chilled yet driven beat. Check it out for yourself:



Thanks for checking out some new J LITT! Get ready for “TOO J LITT TO QUIT” and link up with him below:





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