Entrance your spirit with Baked’s fluidity and the effortlessness of their groovy vocals, guitar, bass, and drum parts melding together into psychedelic bluesy-rock chill. Baked is R.J Gordon on vocals/guitar, Yoni David on drums, Jeremy Aquilino on bass/vocals, Isabella Mingione on keys/vocals, and Davey Jones on guitar. This group of Brooklyn friends is rolling out some rad indie/garage pop in a subgenre of rock that accentuates some real blazing. Early last month, their s/t EP was re-released on Forged Artifacts on a limited edition purple-chrome cassette (order by clicking on the following image) and you can read some more about it and check out some Baked bonuses below:



The EP begins with “Fleatnam” and some strong distorted electric guitar. Within the first few seconds, the listener is transported to a place of mollifying sensations.


The upbeat and invigorating feeling of “Wet Blanket” is matched by fuzzy warmth and mellow stupor. Soothing and demure singing allows the instrumentation of this track to smolder.


“Dancelectroladyland” is one of the most vocally robust tracks on the release that gives a great laid-back and retro feel. The track is also well placed, sandwiched between two songs whose contrast work well with it.


The power, brooding, and dragging feel of “8er” is only enhanced by its floating spoken-word and sense of self-examination that is layered over beguiling elements. Almost instantly you will surely realize the ease in with which you may lose yourself inside this track. As the longest track on the EP, it is not something that takes effort to connect to, and the length truly stresses the simplicity and skillfulness of the band’s ability to create a hazy atmosphere.


The extra track on the EP is entitled “Wolf” and its addition truly completes the band’s bomb self-titled release. The textures within this track are reminiscent of sitting with family and friends by a slow-burning fire that slowly puts itself out as the feeling of warmth and conversation only growing stronger.


Baked is planning to release their first full length entitled Debt via Exploding in Sound Records this summer and they just announced a tour with Titus Andronicus as well (scroll to the end to view tour dates). Besides these goodies, the band answered some questions for Steep Sounds with some really lovely artwork of theirs, available below:


Dear Baked,

1 ) Who are you ? 

who are you

by Jeremy

2 ) How would you represent your sound ?

by Jeremy

by Davey

3 ) What is something wrong with the world ? 

something wrong with the world

by Yoni

4 ) Can you represent one of your childhood memories ?

child hood memory

by Yoni (when he was 5!!!!!)

 5 ) What is Baked’s spirit animal ?

Baked's dog Arrow by Jeremy

Baked’s dog Arrow by Jeremy

 6 ) Draw one of your dreams ?


by Yoni

7 ) What is your favourite word ?

~ Doobie ~

~ Doobie ~

8 ) What is your favourite plant ? 


by Jeremy

 9 ) Where is the ideal setting to listen to your self-titled release ?

by Jeremy

by Jeremy



Whoa! Thank you so much for reading about Baked on 4/20 at 4:20 P.M. while listening to their steep sounds and checking out their awesome artwork! Link up and check out all this fun stuff below along with their upcoming tour dates:

↓↓ w a i t , m o r e ↓↓

You don’t want to miss these upcoming Baked shows:

<TODAY> April 20, 2014 Brooklyn, NY ~  The HO SE

April 26, 2014 BROOKLYN, NY ~ DEATH by AUDIO

May 16, 2014 Washington, DC ~ The Black Cat *

May 17, 2014 Charlottesville, VA  ~The Southern *

May 18, 2014 Richmond, VA ~ Strange Matter *

May 20, 2014 Chapel Hill, NC ~ Local 506 *

May 21, 2014 Baltimore, MD ~ Charm City Art Space *

May 23, 2014 Hanover, NH ~ Dartmouth College *

May 24, 2014 Asbury Park, NJ ~ Asbury Lanes*

June 4, 2014 Morgantown, WV ~ 123 Pleasant Street*

June 5, 2014 Pittsburgh, PA ~ Cattivo *

June 6, 2014 Rochester, NY ~ The Bug Jar *

June 7, 2014 Buffalo, NY ~ Tralf Music Hall*

June 8, 2014 Oswego, NY ~ The Dark Room *

June 11, 2014 Kingston, NY ~ BSP Kingston *

w/Titus Andronicus*

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