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Introducing Padillion, a young and mysterious electronic music / beats producer from the Czech Republic who is experiencing one of the strongest starts I have seen in a while.  Less than a month, old and the electronic music / beats producer is gaining quite the following and generating some key worldwide connections and collaborations, not to mention creating killer tracks. Today, April 25, 2014, marks the release of Padillion’s Rayquaza Tape (Part I) from the artist and this debut album features powerful and emotional hip-hop beats on a new level. Incorporating nostalgic aspects of Pokémon such as the rayquaza theme as well as the reflective nature of life in general, Padillion‘s appeal runs deeper than you might expect as they are bringing a new level of commitment to emotional beat music.

“ネオン桜の涙” aka Neon Sakura Tears is one of the tracks that truly stuck with me. Emphasizing the beauty of traditional Japanese instrumentation with the contrast of hard-hitting electronic bass hits, this addition to the Rayquaza Tape is a stunning blend of captivating sounds. Some more serious stand-out songs include: “Glow,” “Walking Alone (with skhadex),” “3gp~,” and “°Quicksand°,” so essentially all of them.  The Rayquaza Tape is overall is a strong first full release from the Prague producer, and this is only the beginning (after all, it is entitled “part 1”). There is talk of a collaboration EP with Austrian rapper Crack Ignaz and much more with the rest of the Millennium Boys Club.  Padillion launched the Millennium Boys Club as means to connect talented individuals and make cool music with like-minded producers and artists. As of right now, the Millennium Boys Club consists of Padillion, Crack Ignaz, Aloe Armor, SolarFox, and more, as it is only growing.

Flash back to your Pokémon cards, that Emerald cartridge for your Gameboy, or maybe your first love by listening to Padillion’s charming Rayquaza Tape (Part I) streaming below. Padillion wishes to remain incognito, however, I was able to talk to the intriguing up-and-comer about their life, their future, and of course, the legendary rayquaza.  You can read our talk below as you listen to these brand new tracks and “ΞFall In LoveΞ”:



1 ) Yo there, who is Padillion ?

Padillion: You know I’ve been making music at home, and I just surfed out some presets in my favourite vst.  And I found that preset ‘Padilion’ and decided to add another ‘L’ to it and that’s all haha.

2 ) What is your favourite thing to drink ?

Padillion: I love drinking green ice tea, and I also love drinking aloe water so much that I made a beat named aloewater hahaha.

Steep Sounds: YES, aloe !!

3 ) Rayquaza does not evolve into or from any other Pokemon, because it is legendary. How can you relate this ability to your music creation ?

Padillion: Yeah, because Padillion is not the thing which is evolving, it is LEGENDARY ALREADY. Some people just don’t get it

Steep Sounds: No worries… we get it, we get it !

4 ) How would you describe the music you make ?

Padillion: One word: Freedom

5 ) What is the ideal setting to listen to your music ?

Padillion: I think you should get a ride on a bus or on a car or something, get some good headphones and just chill out.

6 ) Who can beat Rayquaza in a battle ?

Padillion: Lil B.

Steep Sounds: Based God, we choooose youuuu.


7 )  How did you become part of the Millennium Boys Club ? What does this assembly of artists mean to you ?

Padillion: I got the idea of Millennium Boys Club since Sad Boys appeared, and I think they were the inspiration. You know I posted my track “Ocean 808,” and Crack Ignaz sent his version of it, and I loved it and thought to make a crew or something with that dude. Also, Aloe just followed me on twitter and I was like wtf he’s talented and he’s got swag hahaha (sorry for the swag word I know its overused lol) and Solarfox is just dude from Russia who makes alternative music and he sent a message with his edit of my track Fall in Love and I was like wtf this is good. So, I decided to give him a chance to work with us.


8 ) Many of your songs are about love, namely falling in and out of love, what influences your work and how do you create ?

Padillion: Feelings, emotions, and some shit like that. I think producers should give more life and feelings to trap music.

9 ) What is your soul creature / spirit animal ?

Padillion: I’m pretty sure its Rayquaza.

Steep Sounds: 🐉 Lol I should have known 🐉

10 ) What is the meaning of life ?

Padillion: Do whatever you want to do. Fuck everyone, just do what you want and you will be happy.

11 ) What is your favourite beat you have created thus far ?

Padillion: I don’t know, all them are good, but I think my best one is still in my head and I haven’t made it yet haha.

12 ) Who is a musician (or musicians) out there that you connect with the most ? What release this year have you really been able to connect with ?

Padillion: There are so many releases planned with dudes from millennium boys club, also from dopeclub (some dudes from Russia). Shit, I have so much to do so I stay in the studio for about 6 hours a day and skip university hahaha.

13 ) How do you “cry sakura tears” ?

Padillion: You should just drink a lot of aloe and listen to Padillion.

14 ) What is one of your dreams in life ?

Padillion: To be a film director.

15 ) How was it working with Bladee//Yung Lean//Pegasus on Molly 2? Any more collabs in the near future ?


Padillion: It was sick! I was hella surprised when Crack Ignaz sent me the video! I can’t tell you about any of collabs at the moment, but stay tuned?

Steep Sounds: Ahhh secrets and more collaborations!!! Whoa, everyone ought to be super stoked.

16 ) What is your favourite Pokemon gameboy version ?

Padillion: Emerald 100%.

17 ) How did Padillion first become associated with Rayquaza and Pokémon ?

Padillion: I have just been chilling at home thinking about the concept of Padillion and suddenly I found my old gameboy and emerald cartridge hahaha. And there was Rayquaza on it. I love Pokémon so I think it fits perfectly.

18 ) How do you relax ?

Padillion: Just having fun with friends cruising around town listening to music and shit.

19 ) What is in the future for Padillion ?

Padillion: Collab EP with Crack Ignaz also Millennium Boys Club tape a lot of merch and Rayquaza cassette tapes. And more to come for sure!

20 ) What is your favourite track on the Rayquaza Tape ?

Padillion: Fav track on the tape is quicksand. I really love how the drums sound in that track.




Thanks for reading and listening! Padillion’sRayquaza Tape’ is here, so don’t miss out, and link up with Padillion below:

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