David MUNOZ is jumping head first into creating incredibly dynamic and captivating hip-hop experiential beats based out of Chicago, IL. He just turned 18 years old today [May 21 ~ Happy Birthday David!] and the young producer is working on his newest release entitled Sigma EP, set to drop sometime in the near future. MUNOZ‘s latest piece of work is “Make U Mine” ~ a sweet hip-hop piece sampling 2 songs from The Blackbyrds, namely “Lonelies For Your Love” and “Do It Girl.” Dive right into listening to this song and some more of his past tunes while reading some of my conversation with the experimental hip-hop producer below:




17 [now 18] years old and creating on some killer instrumentals out of Chicago, how do you feel about entering this realm of the music industry early on ?

DM: I feel great actually. I’ve been trying to get signed to an official label for the longest. I really want people to have the opportunity to hear my music and hopefully one day be up there with the ‘big guys’ like Flying Lotus and Madlib haha.

 What kind of influences do your surroundings have on you, if any ?

DM: Just listening to various genres really. I’ve gotten into post-rock music, it’s crazy! Madlib had a huge influence on me. People say I’m like his long-lost son haha.

 At the moment, who in the game has you the most inspired ? 

DM: I listen to various genres which inspires me a lot. The first person to inspire me was Madlib. Hearing Madvillainy for the first time inspired me to start producing at just the age of 12. I’m very glad I was exposed to the album very early.

If you were an animal, what kind would you be, i.e. spirit animal ?

DM: A dog! Man’s best friend always.

What is your favourite song you have worked on thus far ?

DM: Definitely making “Time Will Tell” and I have a few songs not released yet that I enjoyed making.


I find “Awake (Ambient)” to be  pretty captivating piece. When you are making a song like this, what kind of process do you go through ?


DM: In the case of my song “Awake”, I started with a basic loop of synths and field recorded drums, then thought “what possible ways can I evolve this?”. I tend to think this through with a lot of my beats/songs. Sometimes, if i’m really liking it, I like to treat my beats almost like a song, as corny as that sounds. Sometimes I change up some things in the beat, or I just let it loop. Really it all depends on how I feel when I’m creating. I love to experiment.

Almost four full months into the year, what is your favourite release of 2014 or album coming out soon ?

DM: I liked “Atlas” by Real Estate and “Salad Days” by Mac Demarco. I can’t wait to finally get “Pinata” by Freddie Gibbs. I’m awaiting Joey Bada$$’s album and Flockaveli 2.

Yessssss and what is in the future for MUNOZ / what should people know ?

DM: Making better music! People should watch out for “SIGMA EP” by the summer 2014 and more albums/collabs to come. *I also wanna say a special thanks to everyone who’s kept up with my music since day 1!*



Thank you for reading and link up with MUNOZ below:

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