Dead Katz // Exclusive Premiere

Despite the plethora of warming rays and cooling waves, the sunshine and beaches of California are not some of Tanner Brian’s influences on his state of mind when it comes to songwriting. For his music project, Dead Katz, he has been working on a set of songs reflecting more of a mellow and somber mindset, compiling somewhere around 20-30-some minutes of material. However, though it may be affected by more of of a dismal disposition, the feelings from listening to Dead Katzs latest demos and tracks have been incredibly relaxing and genuine.  The beach-gaze, dream-pop, lo-fi feel of Dead Katz emits the impression of a beach bonfire with its incredibly rippling vocals, catchy drums to bob your head to, and all with an air of familiarity, nostalgia, and smoky-goodness.

Exclusively premiering is a song off of Dead Katz’s upcoming [and tentatively titled] full length, Sad State. The song is called “Letter To Myself” and Steep Sounds has been very grateful to have watched this song grow and change through numerous stages into what it is today. So,  have a listen and learn a little more about Dead Katz in our chat below:



Dear Dead Katz, 

1 ) Hi, who are you ?

TB: I’m Tanner Brian. I like music, nice people, animals, and food.

2 ) How did your Dead Katz project arise ?

TB: Dead Katz was originally meant to just be demos and shitty songs. I never thought anybody outside of my hometown would even hear the songs, let alone like them. So it’s pretty cool that it’s been getting a little attention.

3 ) What keeps you going // what drives you ?

TB: Music is pretty much the only thing where I even halfway know what I’m doing. My biggest dream growing up was to play a show for people who were actually there to hear my music. That, and to be a T-Rex. I’m not sure if I’ll ever accomplish the first one, but the T-Rex thing still seems within grasp.

4 ) What is in the future for Dead Katz ?

TB: I’m working on writing and recording my first full-length release right now. I’m hoping to have about 20-30 minutes of material, but I can’t say for sure. I have about 10 demos sitting around and about 13 bits, pieces and ideas. And I’m constantly writing more. so we’ll see what comes out within the next month or so of recording.

5 ) Awesome! What was one of the last dreams you remember ?

TB: The last dream I remember was one of me watching a bunch of foxes run all around outside of my house. It was weird.

6 ) Whoa that’s cool! So, who are some of the musicians you respect and admire ?

TB: I really respect Orchid Tapes and their musicians (Sam Ray, Mat Cothran, Alex G). I’m inspired by Spencer Radcliffe‘s music as well (solo stuff, Blithe Field, Best Witches, California Furniture). There’s so many good musicians out there it’s hard to pick favorites.

7 ) I agree completely! How about we close with, what is your spirit animal ? [*please don’t say dead cat*]

TB: I’d probably be a sloth. All they do is eat and sleep. And that’s basically all I do.



Thank you for listening and reading and link up with Dead Katz below:


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