Walla Fest

Right outside of Philadelphia is the municipality of Norristown, as well as the birthplace of a fresh festival platform known as Walla Fest. Built by Anthony Bui, Keba Robinson, and Yesenia Bello, Walla Fest is a two-day art and music showcase extraordinaire nurturing creativity and the congregation of kind, open, and keen individuals. It all began when the three eager art club members started putting on shows in The Centre Theater rather than their cafeteria towards the end of their high school careers. Though 2/3 of the Walla creators live in larger cities now, they appreciate the low-key suburban feel of an intimate and engaging gathering you may have thought to take place in a big-city.


This year’s Walla Fest is July 5th and 6th and hopefully if you find yourself in or near the Northeast, you can make your way to PA to be able to catch this lovely assembly of admirable sounds and talents, featuring The Snails and Alex G headlining respectively. Below are the acts sorted by day and you can click names if you would like to learn more about them:


Day 1: Strawman, Roya, Dead Tenors, Cyber Bully Mom Club, Abi Reimold, Vita and the Woolf, Pine Barons & The Snails.

Day 2: Old Scratch, Crosslegged, Maestranza, Amadels (Brooklyn), Somniac, Vivre Sa Vie, Free Cake For Every Creature (Brooklyn) & SANDY Alex G.

Art Showcases: Marcus Branch (will be showing 100 portraits he took of Walla Fest attendees last summer), Marina Caprara, Kelly Donoghue, John Roeder Freeman Jr., Zoe Ganslaw, Christine Janokowicz (video installations in 4th floor show space), Anna Ladd & Samantha McGeehan.

Screening: Porches. Being Alone The Movie. (Directed by Heather Craig and edited by Erin Whitson)

Photos by: Anthony Bui, Keba Robinson, Yesenia Bello, & Vi Tran

~Photos by: Anthony Bui, Keba Robinson, Yesenia Bello, & Vi Tran~


Keep in touch with these cool cats and don’t miss any Walla Fest information:

~~~ Also look for a few of the names on this lineup joining the Steep Sounds family in the future ~~~


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