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Full immersion into the diverse realm of music and music production is what artists such as $1000 Wallet live for.  Such actions are necessary for beginning to gain an understanding of different musicians and styles and more. To be conscious of everything the musical world has to offer often presents ample opportunities for insight into showcasing what works well together. That is a large part of how mix creators, musicians, producers, listeners, and $1000 Wallet in particular, find themselves able to thrive in this age of music.

Producing music out of his bedroom, $1000 Wallet has been in the musical realm roughly 3 months, but truly none of that is as important as his goal of uncovering favourites new and old, organising different artists and friends together in a display of beloved sounds, and releasing his own tracks of music he would like to add to the vast collection of songs already out there. I asked him about what drives his mix and music creation and who he feels is most recently releasing what he considers to be highly influential and he responded below:

$1000 Wallet: I just make mixes for myself really, I love collecting music and creating mixes is just a good way to showcase all the best tracks I have been listening to. I love the endless stream of creativeness that comes with creating your own music as well, it’s a journey from when you lay down your first note to when you listen to the finished product, it’s a great feeling being creative because you can essentially do anything if you put your mind to it. I’m inspired from so many different genres and styles of music, I love 60’s rock like The Doors or The Beatles, but I also love modern rap music like Chief Keef or Danny Brown. Then there’s my peers, people like grèg, Lil NetZero, Yung Lean, BONES and all of these great producers and artist putting a lot of incredible music online. My most favourite and influential releases of this year would probably be tracks like ~


In his newest mix created for Steep Sounds, Calls to Ōita Mix w/ BABYDETH Guest, $1000 Wallet and his guest BABYDETH alike channel some incredibly chill vibes. The mixture of songs spanning from Team SESH greats to some well received remixes and definitive personal favourites, these two producers have generated a mix exemplifying some lovely edgy nighttime listening, but with the effortlessness of transferring from day to night at any time. Discover and catch the vibes yourself below:

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Artwork by @iiiamselina

The tracklist is as follows:

Silk Pangea – Yes
$1000 Wallet – V I S I O N A R Y
Misogi – Ocean
LOSTSVUND – Then I Fuck Your Bitch (Featuring Lil B)
BONES – HeartBreakKid
Fifty Grand x KLNV – Unconditional
Falls – All 4 #U
Prada Mane – Soar Loser (Featuring Bladee)

Blanco Yamaguchi – Dusk

Babydeth x 16 Y R O L D  – MEANWHILE
Orrin – Alone
Future – Move That Dope (Yng Sad Remix)
Vaperror – Sega Dreamland
Servant Girl Annihilator – Zelda Boi (Babydeth Bootleg Remix)
Babydeth – Fantasize
Que – OG Bobby Johnson (Pink Kitty Remix)
BWWWOYS – Babygirl


~ Thank you for listening to the first of many Steep Sound mixes ~

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Link up with $1000 Wallet below for more information:

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