Tiny Little Houses // U.S. Premiere

Melbourne, Australia is home to one Caleb Karvountzis, the man fronting the project Tiny Little Houseswho is not new to Steep Sounds ( You can read his interview from late last year here ~ wow Tiny Little Houses was actually the very first post ! ) However, Karvountzis and Mullins have been working extremely hard on a new focused sound thanks to new additions to the band, Al Yamin on bass and Clancy Bond on drums.  The product of their energy lies in the beauty of  Tiny Little Houses‘s official debut single Every man knows his plague; and you are mine. It has been roughly a year since the world has seen some new music from Tiny Little Houses, and this single alone emphasizes the fact that it has been worth the wait. Listen below to Every man knows his plague; and you are mine. released today in its U.S. premiere and hear a taste of Tiny Little Houses until the full EP comes out early next year:



Still encapsulating the warmth of Tiny Little Houses‘ older sound but with an even clearer and crisper feel, Every man knows his plague; and you are mine. strongly begins, telling a story of someone falling deeply into a struggle of feeling the fullest set of emotions towards another. The beauty of this thought and more is captured by Karvountzis along with Sean Mullins on lead guitar, Al Yamin on bass, Clancy Bond on drums, and production by Steven Schram. The effort and loveliness of this new Tiny Little Houses truly foreshadows what is to come, and I look forward to that.


I can feel you in me darling
Coursing through my veins so harshly
Deep inside my soul
My skin begins to crawl

Though I’ve tried my best to hide it
Now my body’s atrophying
It cracks and blisters so
Oh i don’t have long to go

With one foot in the grave

And you should know
That you are my plague
And i can’t escape
There is no way and damn I’m afraid of you.


I can sense your presence hover
While i sleep beneath my covers
It chills me to the bone
I scream but there’s no sound, no sound

Now what’s come over me?

And you should know
That you are my plague
And i can’t escape
There is no way and damn i’m afraid of you

Oh you should go
Cos you are my plague
And i can’t escape
Your rotting chains, I’m trapped in your wake alone

ohh, oh oh

And i tried my best to fight you dear
And though I’ve lost I’m standing here
So i’ll close my eyes and face my fears
And though you’re my plague i’m standing here


Thank you and link up with Tiny Little Houses below:

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