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One of the most refreshing and motivational ways to live your life is fully immersing yourself into your passions, and that is something that Henrik Engstler from Würzburg, Germany has proven time and time again. More widely known by his moniker hnrk, Engstler has discovered his own means of producing music and supporting as many people as he can. Working as a producer for Lil B and existing as a member of Team SESH has paved hnrk‘s way for learning what truly works for others especially himself.  In hnrk’s newest EP entitled depurð, it is not difficult to get lost in each distinct beat, achieving the tranquility and ambiance of a warm summer night or the serenity of floating in a body of water.




I asked him a few questions about what keeps him driven and doing what he loves and he responded below:

Hi, what drives you to do what you do?

HNRK: I don’t really know, I love music and I started doing it in my free time because it’s fun and I encourage everybody to try it too : )

What was your though process and focus for this newest EP?

HNRK: Well I made all those beats late night and I feel like they all represent a similar mood of melancholy so I made an EP.

What is in the future for you?

HNRK: In the future is making more music with cool people : )

What are some of your favourite releases this year so far?

HNRK: My top 3 fav releases so far are Bones’ Garbage, Lil B’s Basedworld Paradise, and Jayyeah’s Black Skies.


In his newest mix created for Steep Sounds, hnrk transports listeners to a better place full of incredibly upbeat and inspiring emotions. Fueled by his humble passions for working with music and spreading the Basedworld and Team SESH fervor and more, hnrk seems to have found an especially successful way of balancing so many different influences and sentiments via his talent for creating effortlessly motivational mixes. The song selection of this mix in particular ranges from tracks courtesy of some of his family such as Bones and TV Nicks, to some new hnrk originals, all united by based vibes and characteristic hrnk sounds. Listen for yourself below:




The tracklist is as follows:

Karman – Ur All I Want
Shady Blaze – Stars Will Light the Way
Jay-Z, Kanye West, T.I. & M.I.A – Swagga Like U (Mathbonus Remix)
Denzel Curry – Threatz (Promnite Remix)
hnrk – Dimensionstor
Lindsay Lohan – Rumors (Summer of Haze Remix)
hrnk – kvíði
Bones – LayMeInTheRiver
TV Nicks – Amstaff
klimeks – Meryls Night
hnrk– þreyttur

~ Thank you for listening to a Steep Sound mix by HNRK ~


*****You can catch HNRK at Dripfest Friday, July 25 via http://tinychat.com/dripfest2 where he will be playing alongside Drip-133, Drew the Architect, Hezz, Spooky Black, Misogi, System, JPDreamThug, Lil Netzero, and Adams1080p.*****

Thank you again and link up with HNRK below:

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