Us & Us Only // Premiere

Us & Us Only have been making music in Baltimore for approximately four years now and is comprised of Kinsey Matthews, Mike Suica, Dan Windsor, Sean Mercer, and Nick Hughes. Their newest EP, Bored Crusader, is their fourth release and every song features Lindsey Mills who is truly one of their most favorite people / songwriters ever. She is based in Brooklyn currently, but Mills met the band when Matthews drove down to Florida in 2008 to play a festival in a swamp with friends at Tommy Coleman’s house. Us & Us Only would like to give a warm shout out to Lindsey Mills and Tommy Coleman for everything.

Stream this premiere of Us & Us Only’s Bored Crusader below as each song materializes through photographs.



Their bassist, Nick Hughes (view his personal work right here) took these beautiful representations of each song on Bored Crusader, for your enjoyment as Kinsey Matthews explains the visual association and feelings behind each song with Steep Sounds commentary:


HEX nick hughes


Matthews: “This song was my first attempt in recent memory to recognize how many negative feelings I enabled and fostered over the last few years. I spent a lot of time surrounded by people who didn’t take care of themselves or each other, and in return, I just sort of floated through things thinking I wasn’t worth much, fucking things up for people I care about along the way.”

To me, that makes absolute sense and is portrayed beautifully in the rhythms and melodies encompassing the first track on this EP. Hex makes me think of a rainstorm weighing on the shoulders of those walking through it, with their unenthusiastic faces and a loss of sincere consideration for everything in the haze of rain and clouds. In accordance with Matthews’ lyricism, people can merely “lay low, move quick” to wherever they need to be, regardless of how that affects the world around them. However, there exists an underlying feeling of understanding and hope for everything to clear up and to people return to their full selves.

MASK nick hughes


Matthews: “I wrote this song in response to someone I cared deeply for telling me that I was scared of being alone. I think the real problem was not knowing how to take care of myself. It is about learning to accept yourself. I thought of the thing I am most scared of which is probably going to the grocery store so I wrote a song about shopping alone and being chill with it.”

One of the powerful lines that shines through Mask illuminates an inner conflict I think everyone has felt at some point such as, “I could come to find some kind of inner spirit.” It also plays off of several of the themes in Hex that flows nicely with the final track as well. Mills also shines on this track especially I believe, and the ending is strong and holds good resolve.

THRONES nick hughes


Matthews: “I wrote this song inspired by a close friend of mine who displayed immense bravery and strength in the face of truly evil shit. Strip the power from those who should’ve never been allowed power to begin with. Love and take care of each other.”

This song is a great ending to the Bored Crusader EP and its photograph, like the others, is equally emotive and representative. Thrones dictates an overarching feeling of calm at the end of the storm, a brief moment of appreciation while watching waves crash ashore, and every instance of recognition and support for realizing how things end, how people change, how powerful thoughts can be, and the inherent goodness of people.


Link up with the Baltimore band Us & Us Only below, listen to some past goods, and never forget to connect to the sounds and people that inspire you:


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