ACLU Benefit

Noah is ACLU Benefit and to try and capture his essence is inconceivable, but today we are sharing for you some of his thoughts, perspectives, creative marvels, and memories. The most vivid memory I have of Noah is from a show in Jamaica Plain in the basement.  Already merry from his spectacular set, the entire room could not stop chuckling at description of his witty good merch: a 50 cent postcard aptly printed in bold capitals FUCK THE USPS and his classic and noteworthy tees. Greta Kline, of Frankie Cosmos, also remembers the night well. Noah was beginning to play his last song and Kline joined him onstage to sing the ballad, “Country Suicide” together, a song off of a lovely compilation dedicated to his inspiring songwriting and existence, What: A Tribute to ACLU Benefit.

Another ACLU Benefit memory hails from Oliver Kalb, of Bellows, who recalls a day in the life of an Eskimeaux / ACLU Benefit tour about two years ago. The crew got stuck in this huge traffic jam in Ohio, bumper to bumper traffic, nobody moving for hours because of some major accident. Noah was wearing this t-shirt that he wears a lot that says “I Have a Large Penis,” accompanied by some really intense 1999 style BMX sunglasses and cargo shorts. He got out of their car and just starting walking among the cars on the highway where everybody could see him, and he began exercising! Noah was stretching this elastic pully thing and working out while strolling around this giant traffic jam. He got a lot of approval for it too! from neighboring cars and all these people opened their windows and cheered for him. It was funny that this hilarious and audacious man was able to bring everyone hope in the worst traffic situation imaginable!

You may be wondering why we are sharing some memories of ACLU Benefit, and the answer is a sad but exciting one. Noah as ACLU Benefit is playing what will most likely probably, sadly, be his final show TOMORROW. This Tuesday, at the Sinclair in Boston, Massachusetts, at 8 P.M. sharp, begins the showcase of talents you will not want to miss. ACLU Benefit, in his LAST show ever, and Stephin Merritt (of the Magnetic Fields) accompanied by Sam Davol) will be majestically playing and it will be a once in a lifetime experience ~ a great and grand once in a millennium show, and please go for me if you can. Also, do not worry, Noah will continue his creative spirit through making electronic dance music as well!GO TOMORROW

 ☆☆☆ ☆☆☆

In the meantime, please enjoy my exchange with Noah below and listen to some of his lovely creations as well. Please note the incredibly important picture captions. 


1 ) Who are you ?

my letter to the aclu

my letter to the aclu.jpg

2 )  What inspires you ?

my heroes.jpg

3 )  What is the ideal setting to listen to your latest release ?

welcome home noah

welcome home noah.jpg

4 ) What is your “spirit animal,” a cultural appropriative term that I am going to phase out of these questions (sorry) ?!

me and steve roggenbuck on snapchat

me and steve roggenbuck on snapchat.jpg

5 ) What makes you sad ?

GED skin shock device at Judge Rotenberg Center

GED skin shock device at Judge Rotenberg Center.jpg

6 ) What is something wrong with the world ?

what's wrong with the world

what’s wrong with the world.jpg

7 ) What is your sound ?

bag i designed

bag i designed.jpg

8 ) What is an idol or a representation thereof of yours ?


here is a painting i did of my hulk hogan doll.jpg

9 ) What is outside your window ?


most of it anyways.jpg

10 ) What is the meaning of life ?

me singing with smoke cropped

me singing with smoke cropped.jpg

11 ) What makes you happy ?

me dancing to 36 mafia

me dancing to 36 mafia.jpg

12 ) What is your favourite place ?

ACLU Benefit and Amanda Palmer

ACLU Benefit and Amanda Palmer.jpg

 13 ) What are you most proud of ?

my sign on wall in mcleodganj

my sign on wall in mcleodganj.jpg

14 ) Represent yourself as a plant or tree or part of nature ?

me as a tree

me as a tree.jpg

15) Draw a song

my fan art for afp

my fan art for afp.jpg

  The End. 


Please link up with the Boston wonder ACLU Benefit below:

~ ~ ~ Thank you for reading and listening and looking ~ ~ ~

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