Free Cake For Every Creature

 Katie Bennett’s project Free Cake For Every Creature is a whirlwind of reactive, sincere, and alive sounds that make me relive and look forward to so much in this life. Bennett’s songwriting captures the kinds of singular memories and thoughts often surpassed that naturally endure in between of the workings of a busy, beautiful mind or a collection of minds.  Moving Songs is Free Cake For Every Creature’s latest full release, and you can acquire a lovely physical version of this highly recommended album on cassette from Double Double Whammy.

For the last half of this month of July, Free Cake For Every Creature will be embarking on a wonderful very western coast tour with I Tried To Run Away When I Was 6.  If you are so lucky to be able to catch them, please do not miss such an opportunity.

Free Cake For Every Creature Tour Dates (w/ I Tried To Run Away When I Was 6):

07/13 Anacortes, WA @ Anacortes Music Channel

07/14 Bellingham, WA @ Affirmation Palace

07/15 Vancouver, BC @Trout Lake Park (w/ Rose Melberg and ok vancouver ok)

07/16 Seattle, WA @ Magic Lanes

07/17 Olympia, WA @ The Track House

07/18 Portland, OR @ ESB House (w/ Golden Hour, sorry not sorry)

07/20 Arcata, CA @ The Farmhouse

07/21 Oakland, CA @ EM Wolfman Books (w/ Watercolor Paintings, Stephen Steinbrink and Try The Pie)

07/22 San Jose, CA @ Chromatic Coffee

07/23 Santa Barbara, CA @ 5, 4, 3, 2…. fun!

07/24 Los Angeles, CA @ TBA

07/25 San Diego, CA @ The Porch (w/ KIDS)

In our visual interview below, delve into Bennett’s mind as Free Cake For Every Creature, and do not hesitate to run through Free Cake For Every Creature’s albums, and perhaps while you are at it, you might make some doodles of your own or bake a nice good for a friend. So many possibilities open for today! Also, you can check out the brand new video for “Take On Me” below as well and discover more of Bennett’s creativity via these lovely zines too!

1 ) Who are you ?
2 )  What inspires you ?IMG_54162
3 )  Ideal setting to listen to your latest release ?
4 )  Creature of your soul ?
5 )  Do please draw one of your songs ?
6 )  What would you do if you were not a musician ?
7 )  Draw your favorite childhood television show ?
8 )  Favorite word ?
9 )  You are traveling on a vessel through the sea of life, what is it? 


Thank you so much for reading and listening! Hope you enjoyed Free Cake For Every Creatures cool art and cool music! Link up and check out some more goodies below:

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