No Valley

No Valley is the product of Wayne Memmer, and has since grown to include bandmates Shana Falana, Forrest Hackenbrock

The incredibly transformative nature of Over Time Scattered is a refreshing blend of different experiences, thoughts, and sounds. As the record progresses towards the end, each song gets more and more personal and builds upon the last in a distinct way. You can indulge in No Valley’s Over Time Scattered while viewing some fun doodled answers in our short interview below:


Dear No Valley,

1 ) Who are you ? 


2 ) Draw your song “A Bird With No Feathers” ?


3 ) Draw your sound ?


4 ) What is just past the doorway to your dreams ?    


5 ) What is your favorite thing to ingest ?

WM: Pizza is by far my favorite food.  I’m somewhat of a pizza connoisseur. My favorite kind is a pepperoni slice, and I love to dip it into ranch dressing. It might sound gross at first, it did to me, but I swear it’s sooo good.   

6 ) You’re traveling on a vessel through the sea of life, what is it ?    

WM: A dragon.

7 ) What is your favorite word ?    

WM: Etcetera.  I think it looks and sounds beautiful.

8 ) What is just outside your window ?    


WM: A frozen lake.  I just moved up way upstate to Sullivan County, NY.  It’s really nice and quiet here.

9 ) What are you most proud of ?

WM: Being a good person.

10 ) What is the meaning of life ? 

WM: Being who you really are.


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